Looking for a Proven Service Learning Program?
Interested in Advancing Peace through Education?

Pennies for Peace (P4P) is a service-learning program of Central Asia Institute, a nonprofit organization that empowers communities of Central Asia through literacy and education, especially for girls, promotes peace through education, and conveys the importance of these activities globally.

We invite you to participate!

Participants collect pennies. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, just a few pennies can buy a pencil, open the door to literacy, and CHANGE A LIFE.

It’s a FUN SERVICE-LEARNING PROGRAM that educates children about how they can make a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time.

It comes with a FREE TOOLKIT with standard-aligned K-12 curriculum for teachers.

Students, our future leaders, learn how to become PHILANTROPISTS and ACTIVISTS in the creation of GLOBAL PEACE.

It’s EASY TO START. Register your campaign today!

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Help build bridges of peace, one penny at a time.