1. Register your Pennies for Peace campaign. You can register your campaign online at our interactive Registration Form.

2. Establish a timeline for your campaign, rather than a monetary goal: Two to three months works well for most Pennies for Peace campaigns.

3. Incorporate cultural education into your campaign with our Pennies for Peace Toolkit to find creative ways to weave cultural education into your daily lessons in social studies, math, history, geography, science, language arts, etc.

4. Begin philanthropic outreach by determining where you would like to have your coin containers. You can cover your coin containers with Pennies for Peace stickers provided in the Pennies for Peace Toolkit. Photos are also available if you wish to personalize your container yourselves.

5. Broaden your Pennies for Peace campaign:

  • a. Invite local businesses to become a Corporate Sponsor. You may find businesses will give you counter space for a coin container. Other businesses may simply want to give a donation.
  • b. Write to your Congressional Representatives and Senators to urge them to support a foreign aid budget of 1% of GNI. A penny per dollar from the US would go a long way to bring peace and stability to volatile regions. Sample letters can be found in the Pennies for Peace Toolkit for your convenience.

6. Notify all the participants, parents, and school officials. Alert your local media – TV, radio and newspaper. Explain the mission behind your Pennies for Peace campaign – how you are trying to give children half a world away a chance at a better life through education.

7. Collect only pennies-no nickels, no dimes, no quarters, no dollars: This makes it possible for all students, including those of very limited means, to participate actively. The main goal is to teach students their capacities as philanthropists.


8. Share Pennies for Peace with others. Encourage other schools, classes or groups to join and to visit Help others understand how they can make a lasting global change.

9. Exchange your pennies and send to us. When your Pennies for Peace campaign is complete, you can take a field trip to a local bank to see your pennies counted by the coin machine, before they are translated into a cashier’s check or money order. Send your contribution to Pennies for Peace, P.O. Box 7209, Bozeman, MT 59771.

10. Receive our thanks! Upon receipt of your donation we will send you a Certificate of Appreciation to acknowledge your students’ efforts to broaden their horizons and to become philanthropists.