Central Asia Institute, the National Education Association, and the Pearson Foundation have developed a Pennies for Peace Toolkit to assist teachers implementing the Pennies for Peace program.

The curriculum is guided by themes designed to stimulate critical thinking in students. It is grouped into grade clusters K-4, 4-8, and 9-12 and is tied to national social studies, literacy, and mathematics standards. All of the implementation tools, resources, and curriculum materials you’ll need for your campaign can be found in the Pennies for Peace Toolkit.

Included in the toolkit are: lesson plans; study guides; maps; printable poster components; printable stickers; sample parent letter and press release; a book, movie, and website reference list; and remarkable videos ranging in length from one to 12 minutes which tell the story of Pennies for Peace, offer insight from teachers and students who have implemented a Pennies for Peace campaign, and show glimpses into the lives of the children who are served by the schools that Central Asia Institute builds.