How do I start a Pennies for Peace campaign?

Starting a Pennies for Peace campaign is simple. At the Pennies for Peace home page, www.penniesforpeace.org, you can click on the Contact Us link if you want an information packet on the program. If you know you want to participate please use the interactive Registration Form and send it to us directly from the website.

What is the purpose of Pennies for Peace

Pennies for Peace is a service learning program designed to broaden people’s cultural horizons, and to help them understand their capacities as philanthropists – one penny at a time. To assist in implementing the cultural education use the Pennies for Peace Toolkit.

Can I participate in Pennies for Peace even if I don’t live in the USA?

Absolutely! We have programs all around the world participating in Pennies for Peace. You simply register on the Pennies for Peace website, and then you can adjust the program to meet you needs (e.g. Pesos para la Paz, Pfennige für den (P)frienden, Pence for Peace, etc.). When it comes time to make your contribution you can have your bank convert your collected monies into a dollar check and you can send it to us, or you can make your donation via credit card on the Central Asia Institute website. Just make a note in the comments section that it is a Pennies for Peace donation.

Can I invite more than one group in my community to participate in my Pennies for Peace campaign?

Yes. What we do ask, however, is that each participating group register individually. This helps us track our demographics more accurately, and allows us to get the registration materials requested to the group directly.

How long after I register does it take for me to receive my Pennies for Peace materials?

Please give us 2-3 weeks to process your request for materials.

What do I do with my coins when my Pennies for Peace campaign is over?

When you have completed your Pennies for Peace campaign you can take your accumulated coins to your local bank. The bank can count your coins in their coin machine. Then you can write a check to Pennies for Peace (or the bank can make a cashier’s check) and you can send it to P.O. Box 7209, Bozeman, MT 59771. You are also welcome to make your donation via credit card on the Central Asia Institute Website. Under the Gift Allocation, you can select Pennies for Peace as the program you wish to donate to.

How can my students have correspondence with the students in your schools?

Central Asia Institute does not have a program for this correspondence. Our schools are so vastly remote that we must keep our small staff focused on our projects and education initiatives.